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24 December
im a film student at the mo in London. i am japanese but born and raised in London, and havent been back there in 10 YEARS!! ahh. hopefully ill save up enough to go this yr but you never know!. I am obsessed with anything Johnnys i believe that (even though i hate his treatment) Johnny K produces a good bunch of guys who have everything that makes us melt!

ARASHI, TOKIO, NEWS, KATTUN and V6 all the way!!

HA i won my first banner for an icon!!!!
got it for the cutest icon

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Brush credit: the people im soooo grateful to!

ohpaintbrush, 100x100_brushes, asya_17, ownthesunshine, jadedicons, brushaddicts, icon_tutorial, [Bad username: dark-angel_alone], ohfreckle, wonderland__, ewanism, eversmiling_, hanako_lovely, lookslikerain, _frozenstardust, thursdayfix, oh_pants, colortone, _scarlett_icons, icon_extras, whatdemydid, iconmakeit, heavy_tuts, gotitbad, paito_torres, 100x100textures, soaked, everything_lj, textures_r_us, arisubox, magicbox, myrasis, spikesbint, idol_iconized, linda_87, pixar_eve, joyfulsong, x_sob, aconite, damnicons, crazy_clockwork, omgkthx, unfinishedcoke, [Unknown LJ tag], [Unknown LJ tag], [Unknown LJ tag], [Unknown LJ tag], [Unknown LJ tag],

anybody checking this and dont see ur name here its a genuine mistake on my part and in no way a conscious effort to steal or be ungrateful!!